Turbo compressors solutions
- Anti-Surge Control Valve
- Retrofit of Hydraulic Actuators
- SensiChecker & LoopChecker
- Probe Mounting System
Online Partial discharge systems for:
- Generators and Motors
- Transformers and Cables
- Gas Isolated Switchgear GIS
- Busducts
Online Vibration systems for:
- Endwinding vibration
- Bearring and shaft vibration
- Air Gap vibration
- vibration sensors & Transmitters
- Accessories
Partial discharge Monitoring systems
Turbp-compressores solutions
Condition monitoring systems
and MC Monitoring are  
participating in MEE2017,  
you can visit us on our Stand  
H2-G38 in the Swiss  
Pavillion between 14 and 16  
MC-monitoring add the  
instrumentation line to it's  
Products and we are now  
able to provide our  
customers all type of  
Process sensors like:
- Pressure Transmitters
- Temperature Transmitters
-  Flow Transmitters
MC-monitoring is your Key partner for demanding customers providing reliable, cost effective and innovative monitoring solutions
We believe in Excellence
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